Test Automation App

  • Functional tests and load tests with Android smartphones
  • Run end-to-end tests directly on the UEs
  • Independent from manufacturer and model

Qosdroid_kleinThe Android-App Qosdroid allows the integration of smartphones from a high variety  of vendors into the Mobile Network Tester LTS. Once the app is installed, users can run LTS test cases directly on the smartphone. The UEs are connected to the LTS server via USB.

In the app settings the user can select to follow the testing process live on the smartphone display. All test results are collected and stored in the LTS database.

qosdroid_conceptQosdroid supports packet based data transmission tests, circuit-switched tests, like voice services, including voice quality tests, and SMS, supplementary service, USSD, etc.

Qosdroid runs on smartphones of all manufactures using Android as their operating system. Users can carry out tests in UMTS, HSPA+ or LTE network environments.

Mobile service and network operators employing Qosdroid can carry out all necessary load tests and functional test with Android smartphones to ensure and maintain the quality of their networks.



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